Frequently asked questions related to NETPOSITION’s ADSL packages.


What does “Shaped” and “Unshaped” internet access mean?

With a Shaped internet connection, priority is givin to services like email, internet browsing and FTP. Other internet protocols like file sharing and online gaming receive a lower priority, and will run slower at times when the network is busy.

Unshaped internet access treats all protocols the same.

What happens if I have reached my monthly cap?

If you are on a capped adsl access account and you have reached your cap, your connection speed will be reduced. In most cases you will need to top up the account in order to regain full access to the internet.

How do I top up my account?

We have an Instant top up facility available. All you need is your ADSL User ID and Password.

How does the Fair Use Policy work?

You can learn more about how we protect users on our uncapped service from abuse of the network on our Fair Use Policy page.

How do I apply for ADSL?

Visit us here to apply online for your ADSL Service.