ADSL troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your ADSL line with this guide.

Noise and line attenuation

Signal-to-noise ratio (often abbreviated SNR or S/N) is an electrical engineering measurement defined as the ratio of a signal power to the noise power corrupting the signal. Visit this link for a more Detailed Description on Noise and Line Attenuation. You can usually get these statistics from your router.

Who will fix this?

In the event your line is managed by Netposition, CONTACT US DIRECT. If your line is managed by Telkom, contact them on 10210 and follow the voice prompts to “reporting a ADSL Linefault”. Advise them of your high line attenuation or noise on the line.

Slow connection/intermittent connection

a) If your line is supplied by Telkom:

  • Use a Telkom guest account to test your line speed.
    • Username: guest@telkomadsl
    • Password: guest

Use the speed test on

If there is a problem here then the fault is a Telkom fault and you need to contact 10210 and log a fault with them.

b) If your service provider supplies your line, or if the Telkom speed test returned good results, use the ISP’s speed test application and supply them with this information. If they do not have their own test application, use the one on this site or the international version:

c) Do a ping test and trace route.

Ping various sites, especially the sites you have trouble connecting to, and give the ISP the results.

How do I know there is a problem?


Very high pings, the milisecond part, indicates high latency. Packet loss speaks for itself, the request could not receive or transmit all the packets requested. Give the result to the ISP.

Read more here:…rt-command

This should go a long way in helping your ISP sort the connection problem ASAP.