In 1998, when the World Wide Web was still wearing nappies, I started spending many hours on this wonderful information medium that seemed to cross cultural barriers so easily.

One of the major problems that faced the early web was the indexing of information, and how that information could be made available in an accurate, effective way.

I turned my attention specifically to optimization. I looked at ways websites could optimize their presence in order to perform well in search engines of the day.

One of the leading web properties and certainly South Africa’s leading search engine at the time, Ananzi, approached me to participate in an Annual World Wide Web Conference, a prestigious event hosted by the Rand Afrikaans University (University of Johannesburg).

I presented a well-received whitepaper based on my research into search engine optimization and the effects of proper search marketing.

Subsequently, some of South Africa’s top companies, including SAA, Clover SA, Afrox Healthcare, Anchor Yeast and JHI, to name a few, commissioned me to assist them in their online marketing ventures.

From there my company grew from strength to strength and today I am a full-scope internet service provider, offering web design and development, web hosting, domain name management, ADSL bandwidth, ADSL hardware and internet security solutions.

If you’re in the market for a web presence that makes sense and portrays your venture in a professional manner, or if you’d like your current offering marketed to a wider audience, I’m the man to speak to.

Please make contact with me and let’s create you something amazing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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