Capped ADSL

Capped ADSL accounts provide a permanent internet connection and fixed amount of data usage at a fixed monthly price as fast as your ADSL line allows. A capped ADSL account means that you buy a specific amount of data for your exclusive use per month.

Because the data is “pre-paid” no attempt is made to regulate how or when it is used: that means that no throttling or shaping interferes with the way you use the internet. You are free to upload or download any kind of data, from anywhere, at any time as fast as your ADSL line allows.

Capped ADSL account features :

  • Pay per GB used : 1-1000 GB
  • Instant Activation
  • Fastest speed possible
  • No throttling (reducing speed)
  • No shaping (prioritize some kinds of data) – Unshaped Bandwidth
  • No Contracts
  • Add more data (top-up) any time
  • Email adresses as required

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