Netgear products

Enjoy high-end wireless products and storage devices—even in your home.

Netgear products

If you’re in search of high performance wireless Internet for your home or office, Netposition and Netgear can help you by providing seamless connectivity solutions for any environment. Similarly, we can incorporate this intelligence into your data storage and network security systems. Ultimately, our goal is to develop and improve the way you connect through Netgear’s reliable and innovative products.

Benefit from our comprehensive Netgear product range

Each Netgear product is designed to deliver maximum performance, a sentiment we at Netposition echo in the connectivity solutions we implement for our clients. Enjoy the unique offerings and benefits of this well-known brand through us.

  • Storage
    • These devices include systems which store, share and protect information such as audio files, documents, video files and images. Netgear also offers options which perform multiple functions, such as media streaming and shifting.
  • Switches
    • This industry-leading technology allows businesses to rise above simple connectivity. The flexibility built into each product provides you with user-friendly, web-based management thanks to the flexibility built into each product.
  • Wireless
    • Netgear wireless products and solutions bring you dependable coverage for multiple platforms and devices. These products are essential for a high-speed Internet connection. They also allow for seamless sharing and faster downloading capabilities, which will lead to improved productivity in your business and at home.
  • Security
    • The ProSecure product range is ideal for small businesses and offices. It uses the patent-pending Stream-Scanning technology to protect your network from an extensive number of viruses and malware threats. Netgear also specialises in Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions, which are ideal as primary gateways for any network. These include firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam, load balancing and network intrusion prevention.
  • Mobile broadband
    • Share your broadband almost anywhere by allowing multiple users on your network to use the same 3G/4G connection.
  • Routers and gateways
    • Netgear is one of the most renowned names in routers and gateways, both in Africa and internationally. With Netposition, you can get high-quality wireless routers, which provide secure network and Internet access.
  • Powerline
    • In order to extend connectivity to areas where traditional Ethernet and WiFi are either not available or feasible, Powerline adapters are used. These products use existing power cabling to achieve this. We can assist you with selecting the right adapters for your requirements, as well as relevant products such as wireless extenders and Ethernet switches.

    Visit our contact page and see how you can experience quality equipment in your home or small-to-medium business thanks to Netgear and Netposition.

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